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A babyhood's worth of diapers: cotton vs. disposables.

As a consumer, you have a choice; a babyhood's worth of cotton vs dispoasable diapers. Multiply a pile of disposables by even a few babies, and you can see why people are wondering where those mountains of trash come from that are going into our landfills out in the countryside.

You can also guess just how the expense of using disposables mounts over a baby's diapering years.

But our photo can't show how big the difference is to your baby's comfort level- between soft, breathable cotton and the non-breathing paper, plastic, and chemical "gels" of disposables.

You also can't see how easy our service makes it for you to give your baby the many advantages of cotton. We deliver soft, 100% cotton diapers every week, all you do is put the used ones on your front porch for pick up. We do the rest. No rinsing. No fuss. No trash. And a special freshener provided by us keeps your household from smelling of diapers.

For far less than the cost of disposables, you can enjoy the true convenience and knowledge that you're doing the best for your baby, and the world.

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It's Easy - Here's How

  1. Call to order service before your baby's due date, and we can deliver 100% natural cotton diapers to your door one week before the due date. Call 503-777-3856.

  2. When your baby is born, call us. We'll arrange for your second delivery. Regular pick up and delivery is made the same day each week.

  3. Our diapers undergo a rigid cleaning process in which they are antiseptically treated and pH balanced to help keep baby rash-free. For babies with sensitive skin, special rinse diapers are available.

  4. All diapers are prefold-style. Diaper covers as well as other diapering accessories such as pins, plastic pants, snappi wraps, wet bags, and diaper pails may be purchased and delivered through Tidee Didee.

  5. Gifts and pre-paid promotions are non-refundable.

  6. All accounts require a 4-week, non-refundable minimum. Service automatically renews until cancelled (including gift service).

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Diaper Service

How Many Do I Need? Can I Order Different Sizes?

The average newborn will use about 70 diapers per week. As baby grows, you'll need less. Your order can be changed to meet your needs.

Sizes Available:

  • Preemie: Extra small, often good for twins or triplets
  • Newborn: For infants weighing 5-8 lbs.
  • Infant: For infants weighing 8-18 lbs.
  • Regular: For babies 18-35 lbs.
  • Toddler: For children 35 lbs. and over or when the regular just won't do! Two extra layers for added absorbency.

How Can I Keep Costs Down?

Diaper service is a rental item--specifically for a 7-day period. You pay for the number ordered, not the number used. As your needs decrease, you may change the contract amount to reduce the weekly charge.

Call our office to hear about the current specials.

Planning a vacation? Call us before you leave so we can assist you with arrangements.

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Cost per Week
40 diapers
50 diapers
60 diapers
70 diapers
80 diapers*
90 diapers
100 diapers
Over 100
Regular Sizes
Call for quote

  • Minimum 4 week rental required
  • Non-refundable
  • Minimum one week's notice required for cancellations
  • Washington customers will be charged an additional 8.4% for sales tax
  • Add $.50/week for toddler size diapers


PAILS AVAILABLE: Standard (54 quart) - $20.00

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